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In a section of my book Subtle Energy, Inc., the story of Dr. Tennant is told. His story is a vital contribution to Subtle Energy’s role in the healing process. In his bestselling book Healing is Voltage, he never once uses the words Subtle Energy, Life Force, Prana or any unconventional Western terminology, when referring to a healing energy source. Yet, it is clear that he used the subtlest of energies to heal himself from a debilitating pathogen.

Dr. Tennant found the magic formula. In an effort to heal himself from a pathogen that modern science could not, he looked for the basis of the healing process. He believed that if he could find a way to heal one cell, he could heal all the cells in his body and cure himself. His cure revolved around charging his body with Subtle Energy and detoxing aggressively. His natural immune system did the rest.

We can learn much from Dr. Tennant’s experience. Subtle Energy, Inc. tells the whole story of Dr. Tennant’s cure.

Dr. Jerry Tennant

How a Doctor found a cure for

cancer and was killed for his efforts


Albert Einstein said, “Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds.” This was certainly true in Dr. Einstein’s day and very true in the case of Dr. Max Gerson . Like Dr. Tennant, we see a young medical doctor looking for a cure to a medical problem that orthodox medical treatments could not help. This is how Dr. Max Gerson came upon a method to treat chronic diseases like cancer.

Dr. Max Gerson

Dr. Max Gerson

However, after 1000s of cancer cures, his method is still debunked and vehemently debased by the orthodox medical profession. His method is simple. Fill the cells in the body with Subtle Energy, while aggressively detoxing the body, then let the strengthened immune system heal the body.

Charlotte Gerson, Max Gerson’s daughter tells her fater’s story in her latest book The Gerson Way – Defeating Cancer and Other Chronic Diseases. She tells the story how her father met more and more resistance to his methods from the orthodox medical profession. Just before his now famous book Cancer Therapy – Results of Fifty Cases was published, he was poisoned by a coworker. Presumable to stop the publication of his book. He used the methods described in the book to heal himself and was able to get the book into print. Unfortunately, he was attacked again and this time he did not recover.

Many believe that the angst from the orthodox medical profession was high because Subtle Energy is at the basis of his healing treatments. This puts the treatment on par with acupuncture, Qigong, and other Eastern healing modalities. Since accupuncture meridians are outside our Western world view, Dr. Gerson's cure could not be permitted by medical orthodoxy.

But judge for yourself. In Max Gerson’s, last book, A Cancer Therapy – Results of 50 Cases, he writes that the general approach, that is to say the orthodox approach, to the treatment of patients with degenerative disease has as its purpose the overcoming of the biochemical abnormalities, which more or less is responsible for the disease.

“I [Max Gerson] am convinced that the problem of chronic disease is not one of biochemistry, chemistry, or the systems we observe in the body. Rather it is produced by deeper lying forces, which cause “deficiency of energies.” Physicians observe biological symptoms and work only with them. The real acting force behind the visible chemical changes are physical energies, expressed by Einstein as the “electro-magnetic field” To a certain degree, this is closely connected with the electrical potentials which are lowered in cancer, according to all investigators.”

Ancient book containing the various organs of the human body labeled in Latin, while the facing illustration contains double lines that indicate channels of Subtle Energy flow in the body through Acupuncture meridians. These were misinterpreted in the West as evidence of East Asian ignorance of anatomy.


Facts You Should Know about Subtle Energy

Dr. William Tiller is a Subtle Energy theorists as well as technologists. In 1997, Professor Tiller created the premier Subtle Energy experiment. It rocked the foundations of orthodox science to its core. He designed an experiment that would change the pH of water using only energized human intentions.

On par with Heisenberg’s “Wave Function Collapse” theory, Dr. Tiller’s pH intention experiments have become the most profound example of the effect consciousness has on physical matter. But even more wondrous is the effect pH has on our health and longevity. If Professor Tiller’s four experienced meditators could change the pH of water using human intentions, it would give a scientific basis for alternative medicine and energy healers. In Subtle Energy, Inc. I connect Dr. Tennant and Dr. Gerson’s cures to Dr. Tiller’s experiments through the various qualities of Subtle Energy.

Even more stunning, is the way in which Dr. Tiller delivered the intention. He and his meditators imprinted their intention to change the pH of water into an electronic device called an Intention Imprinting Electronic Device or IIED. They shipped the device 2,000 mile to another laboratory where his colleagues turned it on and changed the pH of a tank of water in that laboratory.

Subtle Energy Inc. describes and illustrates these experiments as well as where these experiments have led scientific discovery over the last twenty years, including new healing devices.

As you can imagine, Dr. Tiller’s experiments began a wave of experimentation. Another area that Subtle Energy seems to be playing an important role in is global consciousness studies. In Dr. Tiller’s experiments, he used four experienced meditators to imprint an electronic device with a human intention. It has been shown, as meditators are added, the energy of the intention increases geometrically. Many experiments have been carried out in which large groups of mediators, meditating twice a day have affected social indices in cities, successfully reducing the number of rapes, murders and burglaries. Today, scientists are connecting the Intention Imprinting Electronic Devices with meditation groups ranging into the thousands, looking for a technological solution to world peace.


So, help me create awareness for the healing and nonviolent qualities of Subtle Energy. By creating awareness about the healing and nonviolent qualities of Subtle Energy, we can accelerate the positive influence this force of nature will have on the world.



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